First Ever Reality Horror Show The Chair Do The Dead Speak

UTV Bindass presents India’s first ever horror-reality show – ‘The Chair’ where the subconscious mind will connect with the paranormal to unfold startling experiences starting September 12th. A first-of-its kind reality show where 13 daring individuals who wish to overcome their fears tread unchartered territory in haunting locations across India and connect with the dead. In a bid to continue churning out cutting edge content for the youth and provide innovative and engaging platforms, UTV Bindass is confident to add another successful feather in its cap through this show which not only promises to entertain but also unravel mysteries that surround this subject.

UTV Bindass lives up to the expectation of launching innovative content each time challenging the beliefs we have been living with without questioning them. Touted to unveil some fascinating facts from the mysterious ‘Other World’, ‘The Chair’ showcases a pathway enabling participants to shift from the conscious state to its subconscious counterpart via hypnosis… from the normal to the paranormal… with the chair acting as a ‘passage’ between the real world and the realm that lies beyond.

Watch the journey of the living descending into the realms of dead unfold beginning 12th Sept at 7pm every Sunday only on UTV Bindass!


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