Ekta Kapoor Shooting Schedules Stopped For Wild.

There have been several incidents of FWICE (Federation Of Western India Cine Employees) members raiding one of Ekta Kapoor’s sets and those of many other TV producers, to stop their shooting schedules.

Ekta Kapoor
The FWICE members have started a drive after receiving complaints from various units, saying that TV producers make the cast and crew work for over 15 hours a day.

Says FWICE President Dharmesh Tiwari, “By labour laws, no shoot should exceed eight hours.

But since we are dealing with Indian television, which has crazy demands for output, we can understand if a shoot continues for 12 hours but not more.”

Dharmesh Tiwari
FWICE members are determined to continue the drive. Tiwari adds, “In the last two days, we stopped the shoot of a few serials of Ekta Kapoor and J D Majethia. Justice needs to be done.”

President of FWICE, Dinesh Chaturvedi also, confirmed the story.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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