I succeeded in winning people’s heart

Sreeram Chandra 24year musical singer from Secunderabad who had been a complete music enthusiast and even done playback singing for certain Telugu movies feels like being on cloud nine after winning the title of Sony TV’s Indian Idol 5…

How has your Indian Idol journey been?
The journey has been just wonderful; I don’t even have words to explain the things I have gained from the show. It’s something more than I could have asked for. The platform of Indian Idol gave us the opportunity to meet so many big celebrities and so much exposure’ though we too worked hard for it, at present I just love this moment.

The kind of emotions you experienced after winning the title of Indian Idol 5?
I really don’t know I just went blank for next 5-6 minutes because just before the results were to be announced I was recollecting my auditioning days, then the journey there after. So as soon as the results were announced there was a long pause and then after handing over the trophy Amitabh Bachchan realized that I have got speechless, so it was very sweet of him to speak on my behalf.

Among all the celebrities that came on your show with whom did you have the most memorable time?
It was a great learning occurrence with all the celebrities but I was a bit more than excited the day Katrina Kaif had come over, because she is my favorite actress. I had even dedicated a song for her.

Then great artists like Dharmendrajii he was so down to earth, Udit Narayan even pulled my cheeks (smiles). Then Aamir Khan’s presence spread a lot of positivity on the sets and it just enhanced all our performances in the following episodes. Finally with Amitabh Bachchan’s presence the celebrity circle just got completed (smiles).

What was your dream when you participated in the auditions?
My dream during the auditions was to just go to the stage and win the audiences heart with my singing. So I’m happy that along with the title I have also succeeded in winning people’s heart.

Tell us something about the other gift price you have earned?
(smiles) Yes I have earned lot of prizes including a car, bike but above all I have earned the most prized gift for an upcoming singer that is the opportunity to sing in a movie of Yashraj Film’s and also a chance to record an album with Sony Music.

Message to the audience
I would like to thank the audience for all the support, love and votes. And hope to fulfill all the expectation that you have in me.

Reporter: Ashima Mishra

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