Manav is getting marriage or not?

Pavitra Rishta has been for quite some time revolving around the confusion between Manav-Shravani and Archana. Tonight’s maha episode hopes to clear some of that confusion.

Our source informs, “Manav is in a dilemma now after Archana tells him to marry Shravani. He is still in love with Archana and is finding it extremely difficult to forget her. Now since Archana has asked him to reconsider his decision he is confused. He does not want to leave Archana nor does he want to displease her by not listening to her. Seeing Shravani’s growing insecurities, Manav is also wondering whether he should marry her at all. This is the high point of tonight’s episode and viewers will find out if Manav agrees for the marriage or not.”

We tried to get through to Sushant Singh Rajput who plays Manav but he remained unavailable.

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