Hold On..It’s the wrong boy on shoot

In a funny incident, Zee TV and DJ’s Creative Unit accidentally took a wrong boy to Hardiwar to shoot the child hood sequences of the male protagonist. Zee TV’s soon to be launched love story Sanjog Se Bani Sangini had a rather comic start to their shooting schedule organized in Haridwar, wherein DJ’s Creative Unit is presently shooting the childhood sequences of the protagonists Rudra and Pihu.According to a source, when the production house and channel sat to audition the boy who will play the lead actor Iqbal Khan’s childhood version, a major blooper happened. The role was to be played by a boy named Rishabh. However due to some confusion, a wrong boy with the same name was flown to Haridwar for the shoot.

Our khabroo says, “This misunderstanding happened as the casting had taken place over the phone. The creative’s realized their mistake after some scenes were shot. Immediately the wrong boy was given a return air ticket to Mumbai, and they got in touch with the right boy, who did not even know that the shooting was taking place, as they did not have any face to face meetings with him. The correct Rishabh was then flown to Haridwar and the scenes were reshot”.

Besides other actors, the wrong boy supposedly shot scenes with veteran actress, Aroona Irani as well. However, when contacted, Aroona ji denied that any shooting had taken place. “We came to know about the mistake at the right time and hence asked for the real Rishabh. Such funny incidents do take place in life”.

Aroona ji when pushed on the matter of re-shooting said “It might have happened with other actors but not with me.”

We tried to get in touch with the Producers Deeya and Tony Singh for the same, but they did not respond.

Well, we just hope the creative team does not end up doing a bigger blunder than this…

Report BY: Anil Merani

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