Akshara’s Column: I will be a bua soon

Looks like our prayers have been answered as Varsha and Shaurya bhaiya will finally have a new member in the family very soon. I am very happy for them and feel on top of the world. Along with them becoming parents, I too will have someone who will call me bua (aunty).Varsha didn’t disclose it to my mother in the initial weeks of her pregnancy as she didn’t want my parents to cancel their trip to London. But just when my parents were heading to the airport, our family doctor called my mother to give her the good news, so mother decided to cancel her trip.

We don’t want Varsha to take any stress. She must relax and take ample rest. I was a little worried about her health when I met her the last time as she was looking very weak. I then contacted, Dr.Pratibha Lokhande, who practices in Pune to find out the guidelines to be followed during pregnancy which keeps both the mother and baby healthy. I am sharing some of the tips given by her for the well-being and good health of expecting mothers.

1. Eat at regular intervals as you are likely to feel more hungry when you are pregnant.

2. Dont stay on an empty stomach as it might result in acidity and then vomiting.

3. Contrary to the popular norm, pregnant women shouldn’t be eating spicy and salty stuff like pickles and tamarind as it leads to acidity again.

4. They shouldn’t lift heavy things like bucket filled with water and other weights.

5. They should take ample rest for healthy breeding of the child.

6. Family should love and pamper the lady which in turn will help the kid to grow healthy.

7. Minimal exercise like walking is good. This not only keeps the mother fit, but also causes less strain during delivery.

Apart from this, I also plan to do lots of fun activities to keep Varsha in high spirits like taking her shopping and pampering her with foot massages and delicious food.

I hope this will be useful for the readers and women who are expecting. I am very excited and have shared the tips with Varsha too. I have asked her to take care of herself and avoid doing demanding household chores. She has gone to her maayka and hope she takes ample rest there. Its fun to see Shaurya bhaiya being over protective towards her, which amuses me and the entire family. I am sure Varsha is enjoying all the attention and I hope they have a beautiful and healthy baby.

Do send us your wishes and blessings and feel free to share your motherhood experience and how it has changed your life. If you have any questions, suggestions or advice, please e-mail me at akshara@starplus.in. Help me get to know you better by leaving your name, age and city where you reside in. I would love to hear from you!

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