Fun on the sets of Geet

STAR One’s Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi is the story of Geet who is fighting for her rights but off-camera she is jovial and plays prank on her co-actors like Maan, Naintara, Sasha and others. We spoke to Geet about her friendship with her co-actors, We have a lot of fun on the sets. There is always some prank being played on somebody, and a lot of leg pulling goes on here.Abhinav was supposed to have for breakfast but we hid the eggs in a pot and had an amazing time seeing him running around looking for them.

Later on we spoke to Naintara who said that, “Though on-screen I am a black character but off-screen I gel with everyone. Basically I now have many scenes with Dadima. It was great fun to chat with her. It’s not the first time that I am working with her because she remembered me during my show on STAR Plus Hello Dolly. Then she discussed with me about diet and what we should have during the rainy seasons as well as our dieticians respectively. We then spoke about my married life and today’s married woman. We have the same hobby of reading books because I remember the other day I was reading a book and she asked me what are you reading? I told that I am reading Rich Dad and Poor Dad…she found out that the book is good. She is very senior actor but gets along with young actors very well.

Maan and Dev who have nothing but blood in common on the show, are good friends as well! Maan says about his buddy,Its good to work with Dev and sahi maano main he is a Punjabi munda, who sometimes talks in Punjabi as well. We share our lunch and discuss our health regimes. He told me about his passion for photography and I have seen his work and it’s wonderful.

Maan and his right hand Sasha hit it off just as well off screen as well! Maan says, She is a very hardworking girl. We both rehearse our lines together and she laughs whenever she fumbles while giving her dialogues and at this particular time I had to control my laughter because to get into Maan’s character is very difficult. She is a fun loving girl.

Dev-Dadima off-screen,Oh! She is great woman but at same time at this age she is very jovial. I have worked with her earlier too. We discussed cinematography and how it’s done because she has made many documentary films too. Then I told her about my passion of snake catching and she got very excited. Later on we further discuss about photos and camera lenses and I must say she very learned woman. I am happy to work with her again.

So, hope all those happy end happy! On that note… Don’t forget to watch Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on STAR One.

Report BY: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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