Arjun Bijlani: Life is larger than a character

The smart, cute, intelligent student turned professor Mayank aka Arjun Bijlani of Star One and Sunshine Productions’ Miley Jab Hum Tum fame in a composed and frank chit chat with Tellybuzz.

The Sanskrit meaning of Arjun is ‘White’ and Mayank stands for ‘Moon’ so what matches your personality more?
(Hmmm) Moon is also white, so I feel both the meanings are interrelated and it’s a coincidence with me. But I think white suits my personality more because I’m very calm and peaceful in real life.

According to you, is Mayank popular because of MJHT or it’s the other way round?
See, the show is always bigger than the character because it’s the show that makes a character and the person enacting it popular. So for me obviously Mayank is popular because of MJHT.

Do you have a committed approach in real life?
I would say my work is also a part of my personal life, so if I’m dedicated towards my work, then I’m the same as a person too.

What was your very first reaction on hearing about the exit of Rati Pandey from the show? (Answer first as Mayank and then as Arjun).
Mayank is obviously very shocked and sad as he has lost his wife; he loved her a lot.

As Arjun, frankly speaking it is a creative call. However we had been working together for so long, and I can say that her absence is felt. Apart from that I sense my work is more important for me and I’m inclined towards giving my best shot.

Do you see your character to be incomplete without Nupur?
I sense that the feeling of incompleteness is not just related to me and Nupur. In fact it’s true in case of all the couples. Any couple, even in real life is incomplete without each other.

For example if we take the example of Samrat and Gunjan, at present their relation has also turned sour. But they share minimum screen space, so they are better placed.

Every show has their ups & downs, did you at any point of time think of quitting the show?
I had felt that a couple of times but that was completely due to human nature of getting bored of doing the same monotonous work. But then I realized that as an actor I had to understand that TV serials can’t get over in 3 hours span. It is an elongated sequence, and I had to tell myself that I haven’t reached that saturation point as of now and I love being a part of MJHT.

One adjective that could explain the following relations in the best way:
Arjun & Mohit: Buddy
Arjun & Sanaya: Interesting
Mohit & Sanaya: Sizzling
Arjun & Rati: Cute

If given a choice to get back a female lead opposite you, would you opt for Nupur’s comeback or a new face?
Obviously I would like Rati to comeback. But I wouldn’t mind a new face either and I would like to convey this to the audience also, that life is larger than a character. I accept that viewers like watching a certain couple, but now that Rati has left the show and has moved on, she would also like to work with some new co-stars. It’s unfair on part of people when they try to limit an actor’s scope of experimentation.

In Season 2, all the original characters have undergone a makeover except for you, what do you think is the reason?
Firstly it’s a huge show and it has just taken 3 years leap, so make over wasn’t mandatory. Still I had a word with the channel on the same and they explained their requirement. They wanted to portray Mayank as a friendly professor, so they aspired to carry forward his character the way he was.

How happy or sad are you with Season 2 of MJHT?
I haven’t judged Season 2 but naturally everyone has a special bonding with the first season and it is the same with me too.

Are you satisfied with the way your character is growing in the serial?
I have got a lot of appreciation for my new change in the character. I’m happy to do something new and more than that I love going to the sets, doing make up, giving my shots, so have no regrets.

Do you think your original identity of Arjun Bijlani is lost in your character of Mayank?
I don’t think so, today lot of people know me as Arjun Bijlani. Earlier it was the other way round, but now it’s quite balanced. And like every person I would like the audience to know me by my birth name.

Now the creative is planning to pair you with Ria in the serial. Do you think audience will accept it?
I don’t think they are trying to pair Mayank with Ria; it’s just that certain actions of Ria remind him of Nupur, so they are sharing some nice scenes together.

What kind of a girl do you aspire for in real life?
When time comes people will know (smiles). (When probed further) I believe that when you love a person you love her for what she is, so I can’t set any specifications. But yes my life partner would be someone who is already very close to me and whom I know well from a long time and share a great compatibility.

Any dream role?
Depends what comes my way, but I will choose the best for sure.

What about a negative character?
I won’t mind doing a negative character, but I will want it to be subtle and not loud. I would love to do a negative role that expresses emotions through eyes without those heavy makeups; I find them very funny.

Your craziest fan mail till date:
There are many of them which I can’t even disclose. But some of the craziest were when girls mail me saying I want to marry you. Though I don’t get time to reply to them, it surely spreads a smile on my face.

Message for the fans:
I Love You all.

Report By: Pooja Shenoy

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