Whats next for the Mastkalanders?

Zara Nachke Dikha is heading towards the finale and the Mastkalanders seem to be in a bit of a problem. With Siddesh getting tagged this week, they need to work hard to win over the Massakalis. We spoke to the boys to ask how they are preparing for the battle.

Aamir Ali (Captain)
We have a 50-50 chance and we are happy that we are competing with a strong team. We have dancers like Siddhesh, Abhishek Awasthi and Aksshat, and I am confident that my 3 mastkalanders would take the show away from the girls. Our little Ayush will even charm everyone with his innocent performance.

About girl’s team he said, “Everyone in the girls team are very good dancers especially Mukti and Sanjeeda. Rakhi Sawant is a performer, while Sangita Ghosh for me is the dark horse who can take away the points from us. But the boys team is getting ready do their best.

While the boys’ team is confident and trying their best to win the show, they aren’t underestimating the girls’ team.For more dancing action, don’t forget to watch Zara Nachke Dikha this weekend at 9 pm only on STAR Plus.

Abhishek Awasthi
It’s unpredictable because anything can happen but I am sure we all will give our best performance in the final show.We three-Siddhesh, myself and Aksshat do our best and will surely beat the girls. For me the dark horse from the girls team is none other then Sanjeeda Shaikh and Mukti. Even Rashmi is a very good dancer. But I know that we are working very hard and so our best will show in the finale.

The journey of Zara Nachke Dikha was rocking and I know the show is getting much tougher. But I am sure we would perform our best. In the girls team, Mukti Mohan is a trained dancer and gives her best of her performance every time. Similarly Sanjeeda Shaikh is very elegant in her dance style. For me the underdog from the girls team would be Kritika Kamra. I was very impressed with her solo performance.

Karan Kundra
There are equal chances though we are behind the girl’s team. But I am sure in the next episode we would show that ‘hum kisse kam nahi hain’. We have three trumpcards in the form of Siddhesh, Abhishek Awasthi and Aksshat.

I am a performer and I will do my best. I know two people from our team are eliminated but I still have full confidence that my teammates will give a beautiful and outstanding performance. From day one, the girls are showing their best talent but even we are showing the judges and girls team that we are best. I am sure even they would do something unusual for the finale and for that we are ready.

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