Nandish Sandhu’s cycling spree

It is usually a norm for actors to boast about their lavish bikes and huge cars, but our very own Nandish Sandhu is a shade different, as he loves to showoff his cycling skills for a change on sets.Recently, Nandish had got his cycle on the sets, and had given a free ride to his Director too, which was a sight to watch. Talking about it, Nandish said “The director wanted to lose weight and for me cycling is a way of staying fit. So we decided to keep one on the sets. We have a bet that we both will achieve our targets of loosing that extra body fat within 3 months…So let’s see who wins this one”.

The actor might be having a tough ordeal ahead in his show Uttaran on Colors after being put in jail for killing his brother, but Nandish reduses his stress levels by having a jolly ride. “Cycling for me is relaxing, and in Filmcity there isn’t too much of traffic so one can pedal without getting in anyone’s way. The shoot place gets very beautiful during the monsoons and it is so green everywhere; I love going and checking out new places. I carry my camera when I am cycling and I keep clicking various sets and landscapes I see.”

While we hope that Nandish wins his bet with the Director, guess the photographer in him is slowly coming out of the hiding…

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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