Wishes from Riddhima’s men

Like she has her ardent fans, birthday girl Jennifer Winget has managed also to charm the male actors of the industry with her beauty and simplicity. They vouch that the girl is beautiful and extremely grounded. We got in touch with those few who have been fortunate enough to share screen space with the stunning and gorgeous actress. Here’s the male lot wishing the birthday girl:
Dr.Armaan, (her co-star in Dill Mill Gaye): I want to wish you a very happy birthday to Dr.Riddhima I wish the universe blesses you with all the happiness and success you desire. I hope you buy all the beautiful houses and cars you desire and keep everyone in your family happy. Wish you a very happy and prosperous life, once again!

Dr. Siddhant Modi, her husband in DMG: I want to wish her a very very happy birthday. It’s not been too long that I started working with her on Dill Mill Gayye but she is a great co-actor. I wish her all the luck in life. She will be shooting on her birthday and infact, I just told her why is she shooting that day. We haven’t planned any surprises for her as we have a habit of getting surprised ourselves all the time. But probably in a day or two we will plan something for her. She is a very nice person. We indulge in lot of masti and fun while shooting for DMG and I irritate her to the core with my boring PJs and it’s actually nice of her to laugh at them. She is extremely helpful. (Karan Wahi her co-actor from Dill Mill Gayye).

RJ Mantra (her co-host from Zara Nachke Dikha): “I wish her all the best. ZND has given me the golden opportunity to work with a lovely and stunningly beautiful girl like Jennifer. She has the guys go crazy about her and eating out of her hand. People call us beauty and the beast and I don’t understand why they would call such a pretty girl a beast (laughs). We will be celebrating her birthday on the sets on May 29 and would try to relieve her early for the next day. She loves to spend her time with her nephew. As a person, she is awesome, extremely talented and confident.

Sagar , her co-star in Sangam: She is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses I have worked with and also the television industry could have. I wish you rock just as you have been doing till now and God bless.

Karan: (her co-actor from her debut show Shakalaka Boom Boom): I would like to take this opportunity to wish her all the happiness in the world. Both of us debuted with STAR Plus’ Shakalaka Boom Boom and have seen each other grow as actors. We came together once again on STAR Plus’ Perfect Bride for a dance performance. I have been in touch with her throughout. She is a very simple girl at heart and a family person. She is extremely fond of her nephew and adores him completely. For her, family comes first.

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