Ishaan’s debut at SPA

For Ishaan this is an opportunity of a life time as he has become a part of STAR Parivaar Awards. He has joined the parivaar along with his big family bound by love and affection. Too excited to be a part of SPA, Ishaan is performing with his on-screen wife Suhana at the awards. The lad who has grown up watching SPA feels lucky to have become a member of it. Only two months old, we hope this family receives a warm welcome from the viewers.

The show has recently picked up on the TRP charts. What do you have to say about the huge response from the viewers?
It feels that all the hard work has been paid off. When viewers love the show and it’s characters, it always spells joy and motivates the actors to perform better and meet their expectations.

What according to you is the USP of the show?
I think the key to success is a show’s concept. If the concept is liked by the audience then nothing can stop a show from becoming successful. Sasural Genda Phool has a very sweet and simple concept of a joint family where the members stand united always. Ishaant’s character is of this very simple and nice guy which has made a place in the viewers’ hearts.

This was a show which is different from the ‘run of the mill shows’. Were there any apprehensions about it turning into a success?
We never had TRP’s on mind while making the show. We always believed in the uniqueness of the concept and knew it will work. It’s a realistic show and you will see such families as your neighbours.

How does a non-fussy guy like Ishaan handle his haughty wife Suhana?
Ishaan is taking things easy as he doesn’t want to rush with things. He is playing it safe and buliding a relationship with Suhana slowly and gradually.

What is that one thing you like in Suhana?
Suhana is very innocent and a child at heart. She is a short tempered girl and breaks things in a fit of rage but once she realises her folly, she doesn’t feel small to apologise.

When can viewers expect Suhana being warm towards Ishaan?
Still time to go for it. Ishaan is being himself and one will see the couple come together eventually.

What changes do you want to see in Suhana on the show?
I would want her to respect my family and to understand the importance of money. She must know that money is not everything in the world but what matters the most is love.

Which on-screen or off-screen jodi resembles your pair?
I don’t think any jodi can resemble our pair. Ours is a unique jodi which is still adjusting with the new situation post marriage and trying hard to make things work.

Which is your favourite character from the show?
My favourite character from the show is badi maa. Supriya ji who essays the character is a darling and an extremely sweet lady and that comes off on-screen also. She is so cute and like a kid in real life as well. She makes me laugh all the time. I call her badi maa off camera too. Actually we all are very close to each other and like one big family. We all gather in one room and chat at length. We also share our lunch and eat together.

Do you relate to your character?
No, Ishaan has lot more patience and only he can handle a girl like Suhana. Imagine putting up with a girl, who the very next day of your marriage with her, says that she hates you and insults you.

What kind of girl are you looking for in real life?
She has to be sweet, simple and innocent. She should be caring, understanding but not too brainy.

Which is your dream role?
My dream role is that of Rishi Garewal essayed by Shabbir Ahluwalia. I like the character as it was of a spoilt brat who was also a doting brother. I know I would need to work a lot on myself to play the character.

How does it feel to be a part of STAR Parivaar Awards?
It feels great as we are the newest members of the parivaar. We are only two months old and have got immense response, love and attention. I have grown up watching STAR Parivaar Awards and have secretly wished to be a part of it and here I am today.

What are your expectations from SPA?
Oh! I have huge expectations from SPA this year. This is going to be a great moment for all of us as SPA is completing 10 years and new members will join the old ones to celebrate this occasion. Al the actor across STAR will come together for the awards.

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