Harshad Chopra: Am too small to define love

Harshad Chopra is back to steal the thunder in television with Star Plus’ and Balaji’s Tere Liye.Harshad shares he is glad to be getting back to work again. He refuses to define something so poignant as love citing that is not mature enough to do so. The actor also goes on to speculate about his fans’ reactions to him getting paired with Anupriya Kapoor rather than Additi Gupta.

Over to Harshad Chopra…

So Harshad back with Balaji…
Yes, back with Balaji, back with a role, back to work again. I’m a person who cannot sit at home for too long. So when Ekta Mam offered me the role…I was more than happy to play it.

Tell us about your character Anurag.
Anurag is a very simple person. In short he is not God, he is not Devil. He is human and has all the tendencies of human nature. He has equal amount of good qualities and bad qualities. He is loving and caring. His journey comprises of the knowing of love and the understanding of love. The story would portray his transition from childhood to adulthood maybe even span up to portray his death.

How will the little Anurag be different from the grown one and who will portray it?
The character of little Anurag will be portrayed by Devesh Thakkar. Little Anurag, as per my knowledge will be really chubby, he will be a fat rasgulla kind of a guy and the grown up one will be lean and handsome (smiles).

How is this character similar or different from Prem?
I cannot compare Prem and Anurag. Anurag is very different from Prem. For Anurag it’s the journey of love that counts…

It seems you are the new blue eyed boy of Ekta Kapoor…
I’m not the blue eyed boy of Ekta Kapoor…there is nothing like that…

Did you shoot in Kolkata?
Yes, we have shot in Kolkata for the promos. It was necessary for the show to capture the essence of Bengal so we did picture some of the locations. (They shot around Victoria, Kaali ghaat, around the trams and in the boats).The whole story is based in Kolkata so it couldn’t be that we could avoid shooting there.

Do you regret not being a part of Zara Nachke Dikha?
No, I don’t regret being a part of Zara Nachke Dikha. I don’t know why people keep asking that but honestly I never was inclined towards that project.

Is it true you love sleeping?
Yes, I looove sleeping…my days are remarkably full of it. But now it won’t be so once the shooting for the episodes begin…

Harshad your fans were eager to see you onscreen with Additi. Do you think your pairing with Anupriya Kapoor will be accepted by them?
I’m sure they’ll understand. We are actors. We are not attached and can’t be together in each and every show. However, I empathize with their situation because they have been seeing us together almost every day on the screen. So they get attached to us, it’s understandable. Maybe right now they’ll fight even the slightest hint of affection they might feel for Anurag and Taani. But I’m sure as the days go by and they keep watching us, we would start to grow on them. Sooner the subconscious mind would begin to work and one day they will realize that they actually want to watch Anurag and Taani.

Tell us about the first time you fell in love.
The first time I fell in love was when I was in fourth standard. It was with a girl in my class. She had straight long hair and I don’t know there’s this thing about them that attracts me so much. I used to follow her everyday to school. Even after school I used to follow her till we had a common route.

Even Anupriya’s got straight long hair…
No comments on that (laughs).

What’s your definition of love?
I cannot define love. I think I’m too small to define love.

Report BY: Susan Jose

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