Nupur & Mayank walk down memory lane

As it approaches its season 1 finale, STAR One’s successful show Miley Jab Hum Tum is on the cusp of an unpredictable twist.We spoke to Rati Pandey about Miley Jab Hum Tum’s opening season, and about the finale.

What are your feeling as the season finale approaches?
I have mixed feelings and we were discussing all our memories of the last months. We had a blast shooting and I enjoyed every moment of the finale. I am hoping that season 2 will also be loved by the audiences… and we have done a new look!

Best moments shooting off-screen
Off-screen time is merry-making time for all of us. We chat on everything, and I share a great rapport with Bhenji (Abhishek Sharma). We are now friends, and sometimes also go out to party. I am also good friends with Jaskaran Singh and I will miss both of them.

Favourite on screen moments
Whenever I did scenes with Jaskaran Singh and Benji they were done without any retakes and the director used to be very happy. I cherish all the dance sequences I had on the show like the Kajra Re sequence.

What was the best fan comment you have read on the fan clubs and FB?
“Everyone loves Nupur’s style of acting.” I like those fans who criticize me because it gives me chance to grow further. But to name someone in particular there is a fan called Nikhila, who loves Nupur very much and I thank all my fans who have loved my acting.

We spoke also to Arjun Bijlani aka Mayank to know what he feels about the season finale…

What do you feel as the season finale approaches?

The journey has been very good. I thank those who gave me this character. In these two years, I have spent some great times with Mohit, Sanaya, Rati, Jaskaran, Naveena and Abhishek and all of them were fresh talent. I thank all my fans who have given me so much love and care.

Best shooting moments…

There have been many such moments which we all celebrated either at Rati’s place or at Naveena’s place. I remember we had a Karaoke session, we celebrated Naveena, Rati and Jaskaran’s birthday, then we had also thrown a party for Jaskaran’s wedding which was most memorable and these memories will be cherished forever in my mind.

Favourite on screen moments…

All my scenes with Rati have been wonderful, I especially love the song sequence Pehli Baar Mohabaat Ki…and the baby track was wonderful, then initially the love-hate relationship of Nupur-Mayank was wonderfully shot and was appreciated.

If he happens to be the one who dies, then what would be his reaction?

I am fine with it as after this I will be looking forward for some different work or character as a clock keeps on clicking. Actors don’t stop and it was a good time working on this show.

What do you have to say about the characters?

Earlier in Left Right Left I had played a tapori’s role which was quite liked and now its Mayank’s role which is also adored. In my personal life I am very romantic and caring.

What was the best fan comment you read on the fan clubs and on FB?

All kinds of great comments likening me to someone cute, hot, handsome. I appreciate them for all their love and I am lucky.

Report BY: Dhanashree Kulkarni

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