Mohit Sehgal aka Samrat on a leisurely talk

Mohit Sehgal takes time out to talk about season two of Miley Jab Hum Tum produced by Sudhir Sharma, the controversies and complaints. He addresses the grievances of his fans and also empathizes with them. His honest and frank answers are refreshing.

Over to Mohit…

How is your time post-leap shooting for Miley Jab Hum Tum?
It’s nice. It’s a nice feeling. I’m missing all the co-stars but to do something different is good.

How are you coping with your co-stars’ absence on sets?
Well, when their absence becomes too killing, I just give them a call and talk to them. Or sometimes make plans to meet up. In fact, soon I will be having a get together at my home.

Tell us about your new look.
I have a beard, slight spikes from the sides of my head….I’m also wearing specs and in real life also I wear specs. So it’s kind of like, one real quality of me has come in Samrat. The attempt is to make me look mature but at the same time gloomy.

You and Sreejita have a great teacher-student chemistry. How do you guys bring that about?
Actually it’s all in the script. It’s like I get to relate with her. She tries to kill herself, so do I and this is where we connect to each other. Also, the point we are trying to make is that, in the contemporary world, a teacher can’t be someone who just comes to teach and leave. The teacher should be able to solve students’ problems and give them support. This is what the present track is about.

What about you and Gunjan’s relationship? The story is taking you to different places…
Well, yes. The ‘hit and miss’ scenario is created to produce curiosity among viewers. I know they are missing the romantic element between us, the chemistry, the closeness. Even I miss giving shots with Sanaya. However, this track will produce curiosity among viewers as to when Samrat and Gunjan will meet. So I feel it is equally important that we have this track too.

From season one to season two, how have you grown as an actor?
This is my first show, so during season one I got to learn a lot from my co-actors and director. Even now I’m learning but I feel I have slightly improved.

Do you feel MJHT is lacking when it comes to comedy, without Benji and Dodo?
Yes, honestly I do feel that. When Abhishek and Jaskaran used to do comedy, it was a like the whole gang got to come together. It was a refresher. It was fun to do that. Their acting, the way they gave their shots, it was a too good. Abhi poora gang toot gaya hai (now the whole gang has broken), I miss them.

The show has become too drab…can’t a fun element be introduced, comedy , romance anything?
Actually the present track is such that everyone has lost a relation. Gunjan has lost her sister. Mayank has lost his wife. I have lost my love as well as my best friend. So the situation is such that there is no place for light heartedness.

But there’s no way to create fun even among the younger lot?
Well, they are just starting to get to know each other. Once they become good friends, make a gang, I’m sure there will be good fun. Now it’s up to them only to do masti in college. I can’t because I’m a trustee and Mayank can’t because he’s a professor. Abhi trustee aur professor masti karne lagenge toh college kaise chalega (if the trustee and professor start having fun then how would the college run) (laughs).

Many fans mailed us saying that it was great injustice for you and Sanaya to be removed from Zara Nachke Dikha. What actually happened? Is there anything you’d like to tell them?
Actually when we took up Zara Nachke Dikha, we didn’t think we won’t be able to do justice to both the shows. But however, the schedules became so hectic that our performances in both the shows started taking a toll. We felt we couldn’t entertain the audience properly, so we decided to take a call and stick to Miley Jab Hum Tum.

Will you participate in dance reality shows in future?
Well I’m not a good dancer but when I get time, I will learn dancing and if given an opportunity will definitely take part in a dance show.

What has been your close ones’ comment regarding MJHT Season 2?
Well, they loved the fun and the positivity of season one. But I don’t know, maybe because I’m their son, they like my new look in season two. Sadly, they are not happy with the track. Unko masti ki aadat lag gayi hai (they have gotten used to the fun). They are hoping the same aura will come back in season two.

Why do you think Sanaya’s look hasn’t changed and yours has?
Well, my look can be explained by the fact that I don’t want to move on. I’m frustrated. I don’t bother about looking neat so there’s always a slight stubble. I’m still stuck in the past unable to forgive myself. I want to prove that I’m not irresponsible but a mature person. And so my new look. For Gunjan, it’s like she wants to forget and move on and maybe, that’s why for her the look hasn’t changed. She wants to carry on with her life like nothing major happened. It’s her defense mechanism… maybe.

How do you unwind after a week’s slogging?
I love to go shopping. It becomes necessity rather than indulgence because we don’t get time to buy anything. Now I’m waiting for the monsoon sale to begin. Then we all will go to shop.

We meaning?
Sanaya, me and Arjun.

What about Rati and the rest of the gang?
Well, Rati, I don’t know maybe she’s busy. Actually they all come sometimes…but we three are more close and we hang out more.

However, when you and Sanaya are spotted together on such shopping trips, people think you guys are dating…Well, no we are just friends. I’m single and right now, I want to focus on my career.

What are your other interests?
I like to sing…but I don’t consider myself a good singer. I’m more of a bathroom singer. I like listening to music too.

Report BY: Susan Jose


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