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Now that the battle of sexes has reached its final leg, the competition has become fiercer. The two teams are adamant to tag the strongest contender from the rival teams thereby getting a chance to throw them out of the game just before the finale.This time girls lost and Aamir Ali, captain of Mast Kalandar team tagged Mukti Mohan from the Massakali team. This is the second time Mohan has been tagged and pressure is mounting. The girl is however sweating it hard to secure her place in the finale.

Says Mukti,I am more nervous this time as this is a scary situation. This is the last time someone is going to be tagged on the show before we shoot for the finale next week and it’s me who has to face the agnipareeksha. I am nervous, but my focus will be on my performance. Trust me like any other contestant, I don’t like to be tagged because of the pressure and nervousness. The tension is doubled as you don’t know what the judges are expecting from you. Like for the last time, I had performed a mix of Bharatnatyam and they commented on the concept.

As a dancer one expects the judging panel to comment on the dance performance solely and not on the choice of song and the concept. Agreeing to this Mukti says, “I totally second it. One must be judged on the basis of their dance performances. The concept and the choice of song is the creative teams decision and are beyond our control.

So has she become the soft target for the guys as they are adamant in having her thrown out of the show thereby weakening the girls team?This may be true as now everybody is aiming to throw the strong contestants from the rival teams. I don’t know how but I come to know every time I am to be tagged. When Aamir is taking those rounds, one look at him and I know he is going to tag me, says Mukti.

Mohan is going to perform on Meow and is going to showcase jazz funk and whacky dance form. Both nervous and excited about her impending act this weekend, Mukti says,I am focusing on my act and will give my best to it so that the judges retain me on the show.

Expectedly, she doesn’t want to get the boot when it’s only a week away from its culmination.I don’t want to get the boot and even the idea of losing is giving me nightmares. I am not worried about losing and going out of the show but the scary part is parting with your friends. I think if I have to lose, I will hide myself amongst the audiences and watch the entire show live. I can’t imagine not being a part of it.

Mukti strongly feels that girls stand strong chances of winning the show as they are more in number and are trained.We have showcased more styles than boys and almost all the girls are trained dancers as compared to boys where only Abhishek, Siddhesh and Aamir to an extent are trained in dancing, states the dancer.

To see if Mukti makes it to the finale watch Zara Nachke Dikha this weekend on Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 pm on STAR Plus.

Report BY:Neha Maheshwri

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