Geetanjali Tikekar back to television after a hiatus..

Television actress Geetanjali Tikkekar aka Aparna who gave a tough time to Anurag Basu of Kasauti Zindagi Kay is back with a new character Nilanjana, who plays the mother of the new Anurag aka Harshad Chopra.Here, she plays the loving mother of Anurag, who initiates the love between Anurag and Tani.We spoke to Geetanjali Tikkekar-Kharbanda about her role, “I am playing the mother of Anurag and my character’s name is Nalanjali in my come back show with Balaji called Taryay Liyay. She is very positive and is a loving mother. Even though she is dependent on her husband, she has the guts to take her own stand when it is needed.”

Further she told us that, “It’s good to be back on television because after the delivery of my baby, I was itching to start my work again and fortunately I got a call from Balaji, which is like family to me and I said yes to this show. My little Shourya (19 months old) also allowed me to work.”

Later on we asked her about her connection with Anurag and Bengali and she said, “I think I have strong karmic connections as in all my three shows, I played a Bengali though I am hard core Maharashtrian. While the name Anurag has also had a strong connection because in Kasauti, I played the troublesome wife of Anurag and here I play loving and caring mother of Anurag.”

Geetanjali is married to actor Sikander Kharbanda.

Taryay Liyay has the most interesting and experienced ensemble of actors who will take it to a different high. While young artists like Anupriya Kapoor and Harshad Chopra will add ounces of romance and depth to the plot; popular actors like Rajat Tokass, Neha Janpandit, Aadesh Chaudhary, Shakti Arora, Neha Saxena, Geetanjali Tikekar, Chanderkant Tanreja and Supriya Shukla will bring in the quintessential drama and keep viewers asking for more.

So don’t forget to watch new love story of Anurag and Taani in a new show Taryay Liyay every Monday to Friday that starts from June 14th at 10 pm only on STAR Plus.

Report By: Dhanashree Kulkarni

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