Ill-health breeze persists on the sets of Sarvagunn Sampanna

After Sangeeta Kapure, it’s Mujtaba Ali Khan and Anurag Nigam who had to visit the doctor due to back injury and fever respectively…We had earlier reported that Ragini aka Sangeeta Kapure of Imagine and Balaji Telefilms’ Sarvagunn Sampanna had collapsed on the sets due to stress, and now it seems as if that was just the beginning of a storm!!.A little birdie informed us that, “Mujtaba Ali Khan (Aditya) was hospitalized for three days due to severe back pain, and as soon as he resumed work it was the turn of Anurag Nigam to get sick, as he is now suffering from fever and has been advised to rest by the doctors.”

When contacted, Mujtaba in a poignant voice replied, “Yes, I have resumed shoot after a complete bed rest of three days. Actually months back when we were shooting my entry sequence on a bullock cart I had fallen down from the moving cart and had hurt my back; but I didn’t take serious care of it and now due to over stress the injury has gotten bad. Luckily things are much better now.”

Continuing on similar lines Anurag asserted in a low tone, “Yes I’m recovering from fever but have been visiting the doctor due to persistent body ache. And the reason being stress on the body due to the strict diet and regular gym that I enforce. Gym after shooting is a real stress I tell you!”

“First it was Sangeeta then Mujtaba who was sick, and now it’s me. So I seriously hope this ends with me”, added Anurag.

We pray for the good health and speedy recovery of all three at the earliest.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Pooja Shenoy.

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