STAR Parivaar Awards 2010 winners

It’s that time of the year again when your favourite stars descend on earth in their full glory and glitter. The theme being Tyohaaron ka Tyohaar STAR Parivaar is in line with the celebrations as STAR Plus’ completes 10 years and all the iconic characters came together on a single platform for the first time on Indian television. Here’s a look at some of the winners at STAR Parivaar Awards 2010 and what they had to say about their big win.

Favourite Buzurg – Dada Ji -Sasural Genda Phool (Sudhir Pandey)
“Thank you STAR Plus and Parivaar for this special award…”

Favourite Maa – Shailaja – Sasural Genda Phool (Supriya Pligoankar)
“Mitali is the creator of Shailaja. I am happy for this award, this award is for Raviji and please pray for Raviji’s good recovery…”

Favourite Pita – Vishambhar –Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Sanjiv Seth)
“I am speechless but I would like to thank the audiences, Rajan Sir and STAR Plus for giving me this role. I also want to thank Rajshri and my lovely wife Lata.”

Favourite Naya Sadasya (Female) – Pratigya – Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (Pooja Gor)
“Thank God. Thanks STAR Plus, STAR Parivaar and Pearl Grey for this award, but at the same time I would like to thank Ekta Kapoor who gave me my first acting break. Thank you all.”

Favourite Strong Naya Sadasya (Male) – Krishna – Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (Arhaan Behl)
“My first award. I would like to thank STAR and the whole cast and crew of Pratigya. Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you both.”

Favourite Beta – Mihir – Behenein (Sudip Sahir)
“Wow! It feels superb as this is the first award ever and I just love my job, thanks.”

Favourite Beti – Akshara – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Hina Khan)
“I didn’t expect this award. I would like to thank God for giving me his blessings, thanks to my parents and my younger brother Aamir and Rajan Sir. I love you all.”

Favourite Bhai – Ranvir- Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai (Kinshuk Mahajan)
“Thank you so much. This comes as a major surprise to me because up till now I didn’t get any awards. I would like to thank my fans and my family who always supported me whenever I didn’t get the award. I also thank Rajan Sir for always believing in me and I remember Sir that when you got the award and I didn’t get an award, that time and you told me this award is for you and now Sir I would like you to come forward and take this award.”

Favourite Behen – Purva- Behenein (Aalesha)
I would like to thank JD and STAR Parivaar for making me a member of the family. It’s an honour to get this best behen award. Thank you so much.”

Favourite Family – Maheshwari and Singhania family –Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
“Thanks to all our fans who gave us so much love and support and Thank you STAR Parivaar jury members.”

Favourite Pati – Alekh – Bidaai (Angad Hasija)
“I am happy to get this award, it’s my birthday gift, thanks everyone.”

Sabse Dumdaar Sadasya – Dr.Kiran Bedi – Aap Ki Kacheri
“I would like to thank Uday Shankar. I would dedicate this award to team Siddarth Basu and STAR. Where ever I go people tell me Aapki Kacheri Idhar aana jara..Thank you so much.”

Favourite Bhabhi – Ragini- Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai (Parul Chauhan)
Thanks STAR and STAR Parivaar for giving me this award. Thanks Rajan Sir..”

Favourite Devar – Ishaan – Sasural Genda Phool (Jai Soni)
“Thanks STAR Parivaar for giving me my first award ever. Whenever my mom used to watch STAR Parivaar, she used to tell ‘beta I want you to be a part of this wonderful family’, so Mom this award is for you. Thanks Raviji for giving Ishaan’s character to me.”

Apart from these main awards, the ceremony glittered with some special awards for special personalities for their huge contribution in making STAR Parivaar a huge hit.

Shah Rukh Khan received the Sabe Pyaara Sadasya by STAR Plus CEO, Uday Shankar.

Director Kut head, Rajan Shahi received an award for his two successful shows Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain
He said: “Thank you so much on behalf of my production team. I came to know one thing here in STAR Plus is that two things which are very prominent, trust and faith, which are unconditional and the doors are always open.”

Balaji head, Ekta Kapoor received the award for her immense contribution to STAR PLUS. She has made some iconic shows like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. She just bowed and acknowledged the audience when she received the award.

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