Akshay turn to a Cook Kumar from Khiladi Kumar

What happens when a superstar becomes your man Friday for a day? What if he comes to your kitchen and cooks tasty dishes for you, thereby surprising you with his culinary skills. A thought, enough to leave you starry eyed and dreaming of those mouth-watering delicacies of the world.We asked our popular television celebrities that if the superstar were to cook for them, what dish would they like him to make. And we got some hot and spicy answers. Read on:

Angad Hasija: I will ask him to cook biryani for me. Punjabis are known to cook delicious and finger-licking non-vegetarian dishes. If I like what he prepares for me, as a token of appreciation I will ask my mother to cook dinner for both of us. No matter how big a superstar you are, you can’t stop loving and relishing mom-made food.

Jas Karan Singh: I would want him to make samosas for me as I have heard that he used to make samosas in Bangkok and earn praises for his cooking. As a return gift, I will give him my wife’s rare collection of all his pictures and posters right from his entry in Bollywood. She is a die-hard fan of his and has been collecting his pictures and used to send him bouquets on his birthday every year. She infact has told me that the day I become a star, I have to introduce him to her.

Pooja Gor: I will ask him to make Rajma – Chawal for me as I simply love it and it would be great to have him make it for me.

Kunal Verma: I would want him to make Daal Makhani for me because that’s my favourite dish. Considering the fact that he is a fantastic cook, I expect him to make it super-tasty and in return I will give him whatever he asks for.

Aastha Chaudhary: It has to be rajma-chawal as I love it. If he agrees to oblige then I will ask him to cook pasta for me. If I like what he cooks for me, I will treat him with an ice-cream as that’s something one loves to gorge on post dinner.

Jay Bhanushali: I will make him cook all the possible dishes under the sun and eaten across the globe for me. You don’t get a superstar demanding crores of rupees per movie at your service. I am sure going to love it.

Maahi Vij: Since both of us are from Delhi and our taste will be more or less similar, so I will ask him to make butter-chicken for me. I am sure it’s his favourite too. I will give him a kiss in return because a kiss is the best gesture for expressing your love, care and thanks to someone. To top it all I cant ignore the fact that he is a handsome man.

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