Shweta Tiwari doing a play with Kiran Karmarkar

TV actress Shweta Tiwari is back to work but not in daily soaps but in theatre. The actress is doing a Hindi play with Kiran Karmarkar called Shaadi Ki home delivery.bout the play, Shweta Tiwari speaks, “I’m doing a Hindi play with Kiran Karmarkar called ‘Shaadi ki Home Delivery’. It’s based on marriage comprising the stereotypical quarrelsome couple. They cannot solve their differences that keep re-surfacing and eventually separate. Its only after splitting they realize that the problem wasn’t with them together as much as individualistic. Over time they comprehend that the issues were never there and nor were the arguments but only created by themselves.”

She tells about her character in the play, “In this play I play many roles as a Punjabi, Gujarati, and Maharashtrian etc. When I was approached for this skit, the different shades in each of these characters excited me and I felt it was challenging, so I instantly accepted it, mainly since it has multiple roles.”

About her co-actor she tells us, “Kiran is gifted and a very versatile actor, I would say he has great sense of humor. During all our rehearsals, he would come up with funny lines and keep making additions or editing our lines. He always made us laugh! It was a very good experience to share the stage with him.”

The she spoke about her theatre love, “I have always been into theatre and drama from the very start and I love it! It gives you a refreshing feeling before, during and after the performance. It’s more live and there are no second chances unlike on camera. When filming a show or movie, everything is done in numerous re-takes and in bits and pieces. You have the opportunity of trial and error. But in theatre, whatever gestures or emotions you play or lines you deliver are your first and last shot. And that is what makes it more exciting. The feeling you get when just entering on stage and getting into the character’s skin, with a live audience out there focusing on you and only you, is very thrilling!”

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