Sara Khan on visit to her hometown -Bhopal

TV actress Sara Khan aka Sadhana of STAR Plus Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai recently visited her hometown in Bhopal after a gap of one year.The actress and her family got very emotional.About her visit we spoke to Sara Khan aka Sadhana, she said, “I had gone to Bhopal just a few days back and it was nice to see my big family which includes my nani, my parents and my sisters. All were pampering me and were complaining about my short stay. In the end they got very emotional. It was great fun to visit my hometown Bhopal.”

Further about how the people in Bhopal responded, she said “The crowd was very happy to see me and I think through Dance Premiere League, the young crowd addressed me as Sara Khan, which felt good but the elderly people were calling me Sadhana which also felt equally good because at the end your talent is being noticed and I am happy for Bidaai’s success which has reached every house in Bhopal and other parts of Northern India. My parents feel proud when people call them Sara Khan’s parents. In two days of holiday I have gathered all the happiness and blessings from my loved ones and fans.”

Later, she also thanked her fans for all the love and support which she got through this show, “I am happy that the audiences loved me so much as Sadhana and brought my show at the top…”

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