Rakhi Sawant stays on Zara Nachke Dikha

It has been a challenging season for makers of Zara Nachke Dikha with all their participants being injured and unable to perform in some way or the other. But the contestants believe in putting their best foot forward, no matter what.And till now, we can very safely say that there has been more good performance than bad displays. Some had to leave the show, some were eliminated. But the biggest shocker was item-queen Rakhi Sawant was put in to the danger zone. Well not technically put, she practically walked there herself to save her team-mate Mukti Mohan.

For the Baazigar round, Rakhi performed on Kajra Re. Before her act she had said that her performance was dedicated to the judges and the audiences and she didn’t want to talk a lot and just do it and let her dance speak for itself! “Mujhe pura vishwas hai aur confidence hai apne aap pe… haar ya jeet yeh zindigi me chaliti rahti hai… I really don’t care but main apni janta ke liye perform karti hun, apne prabhu ke liye aur hamare Jesus ke liye perform karti hun apne dil se…” were the exact words that she uttered on the stage.

But her performance seemed to lack the usual energy and magical effect, this could have been the result of a poor choreography but the judges appreciated her efforts and Shilpa Shetty Kundra very happily waved her flag for Rakhi. Arshad gave everyone a scare (especially Rakhi, we think the comment shocked her to no end) when he said that he did not want to see Rakhi on the stage but everyone cheered when he quickly added that she should be sitting with all the girls there and there will never be a stage where Rakhi will perform for the last time. Vaibhavi too showed her the green flag. The girl’s team came up on the stage and hugged an excited Rakhi. She jumped and loudly announced “I’m back!”

Despite these encouraging comments, a source from the show reveals that the judges weren’t much moved by her performance yet decided to give her another chance because they know she is a talented dancer.

The rest of the episode saw some good and some not so good performances. Hazel managed to win 1 lakh rupees. Akkshat gave an amazing performance and left everyone spellbound. The day ended with the girls leading with six points and with Siddhesh Pai as the next target for elimination.

ZND airs on STAR Plus every Saturday-Sunday, 9:00 PM

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