From reel to real

Lata Saberwal Seth is best known for her character as the darling mother of Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.With her loving, understanding and selfless nature, she is considered one of the best on-screen mothers. On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, Lata talks to us about how she has started considering Hina (her on-screen daughter) as her own flesh and blood.Lata revealed that currently she did not have any plans for Mother’s Day but perhaps the kids may have secretly planned something for her! She said, “As ‘Rajshri’ Akshra’s (Hina Khan) mom I have really started feeling like her mother now. I am very protective about her and I scold her too sometimes, just like a mother would to her daughter.” Aww… now isn’t that sweet?

When asked about her relationship with her own mother and her childhood memories she said, “As a daughter I used to take my mom out on this day or do something good to make her feel special.”

“I just want to say that a mother is the best gift God has given to us and we should make our mothers feel special every day and not just one day in the year because their love is selfless and unconditional” was her message to all her fans and the children out there.

Report BY:Dhanashree Kulkarni

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