A homecoming for Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget seems to have a karmic connection with STAR Plus’ dance reality show, Zara Nachke Dikha. No wonder after being a part of the winning squad last year, she is back with hosting the second season. We caught up with this beautiful and talented actress about this show and her other fiction medical drama, Dill Mill Gayye.

How is the experience of anchoring Zara Nachke Dikha?
I love anchoring and to get a chance to host a big show like ZND is a great thing. The fact that I was a part of season 1 of this boys vs girls dance reality show also makes it like home coming. I have a great equation with the production house as well and most of the contestants are friends. RJ Mantra is a great co-host, so what more can I ask for?

How do you define the role of an anchor, is it quite easy as you get anchor links?
An anchor holds the show together. He or she just does not announce the next act, but controls the entire flow. Although we get anchor links, many of the times we have to think on our feet, as situations in dance reality shows don’t always go as planned.

Your take on the boys vs girls face-off?
This battle between the sexes will continue for ages. I believe that woman power rocks but having said that I don’t toe the hardcore female lib line, which says hate men. The universe needs both Yin and Yang (Male and female energy) to have a balance, hence nobody is inferior or superior, we need each other to survive.

What do you feel about this season’s contestants?
Most of them are quite young and chirpy. The strong urge to win has given them all the extra edge. Nobody wants to be left behind.

Since you were part of the winning squad last time around any tips to the Masakallis (girls team)?
I would just advice them to bond together. Last time it was this unity alone, which got us through. I know it’s quite difficult to accept that women can be friends, but we worked in sync and that showed on the dance floor. This is not to suggest that we did not have differences, however we made it a point to listen to each other and find a middle path.

What are the differences between dancing in a group and individual performance?
You can’t afford to goof up in a group act for you will stand out like a sore thumb, but equally sometimes your mistakes might not be picked up as well if others perform par excellance. Last but not the least is the above mentioned sync or coordination, if that does not happen, everything falls apart.

Last season, when the boys lost in the finale, they screamed foul! Was it a case of sour grapes?
I remember (Laughs). What ever happened was quite unfortunate. But this time around, I don’t think any such thing should happen, for the team spirit among both the groups is very strong and that should work as a catalyst for them to strive to win fair and square.

What would you take home from ZND?
A lot of positives. This show gives me a platform to perform before our highly talented judges. Also anchoring is less tiresome than performing. You don’t need to do back breaking rehearsals and yet take home a good pay package.

You have had a nice long journey with STAR
Yes, we go back a long way beginning with Koi Dil Main Hai , Kasauti Zindagi Kay and Sangam. Interestingly, my first hosting assignment was also with STAR only i.e. Laughter Ke Phatke.

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