Drashtis rendezvous with God

Television actress Drashti Dhami aka Geet of STAR One’s Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi visited the Golden Temple, Amritsar for the very first time.Bubbly Drashti reveals about her experience and more…”It was wonderful shooting at the Golden Temple. We reached Amritsar at night and then visited the Golden Temple right away. Believe me, it was sparkling like gold with all the lights, which covered the temple and I had never witnessed such a sight in my life time. I felt really blessed to see this.”

About her very first visit to Amritsar, and to the holy shrine Golden Temple, she says, “In these years I haven’t got a chance to visit this holy shrine of ours though my parents have visited but I think Babaji didn’t call me but now through this show I feel very lucky that I got this golden opportunity to visit this place. While at the Golden Temple, I sat at the Langer and overall it was a wonderful experience of visiting this holy shrine and I felt blessed. I am thankful to Babaji who gave me this show thus I visited this holy place,” she said.

An excited Drashti also got to see historical landmarks on this shoot, she said, “I visited every historical place like Jalianwala Bagh, Wagah Border and the Golden temple. I saw the bullet marks on the walls of Jalianwala Bagh. That place and the Wagah Border made me very patriotic and I feel very proud of being an Indian. At the same time, I was sad and paid homage to the innocent people who got killed at the Jalianwala Bagh.”

The cast and crew of Geet are like one big Punjabi family, and as is typical of any Punjabi who is separated from her family, Drashti missed having her reel family around, “I missed my co-actors – Rajji, Ranu, Brij, Darjee and others and if they could have been over here it would be real fun.”

And the shopaholic that she claims to be, Drashti did pack in some time for some window shopping at the bazaar with the members of the crew. “Then my other crew members of the show and I went to Amritsar market to do window shopping and I bought wadis (made of moong dal) which are specially made to be added in Punjabi sabzi. But one thing which I won’t forget is that the temperature was high – 46 degrees and in that, due to over eating (as I ate Amritsari dal then kulche) I got food poisoning and then on the sets itself a doctor was called and then he gave me medicines but yet I was shooting in the scorching heat,” she adds.

Drashti’s popularity has given new heights to the show as everyone is watching Geet’s life. We took out some interesting comments from channels website:

Chanuv said, “Looking forward to this new track, wish you all the very best. You went through enough pain, you deserve love and to be loved. Hope you and Maan will get to know each the very soon. God Bless you both.” To this she replied, – “Oh thanks for all the support… Chanuv!”

Geet’s popularity has reached Nepal as one of her fan from there, Sindhiya Sharma said, “Hi Geet! I’m Sindhiya Sharma from Nepal. I like you very much. I have great expectations from your unborn child. Be well and do well! Thank You!”

To this an elated Drashti replied, “Hi Sindhiya, I am happy that my show is being appreciated and you all are supporting Geet, thank you so much.”

“Best of luck! Geet tum zindagi ki is ladayi mein jarur jeetogi” said Navkiran Kaur

“Thanks Navkiran…” she replied.

According to the current track, Naintara sends a message to Geet as Dev and asks her to meet in Amritsar. Brij and his men follow Gurvinder to kill him. Geet meets Maan and tells him that she will come with him to Amritsar. Naintara leaves for India. Rajji hides Gurvinder in her house.

So watch Geet and Maan at Golden Temple every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on STAR One.

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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