No Iqbal for Ekta

After his long absence from the screen, hunky star Iqbal Khan was ready to make a comeback with Ekta Kapoor’s latest venture Sarvggun Sampanna but things didn’t quite work out.Apparently the creative team of the show had approached Iqbal to play the male protagonist and things were almost finalized but when Ekta heard of it, she overturned the decision.It was reported that Ekta was irked with Iqbal when he walked out of her show Karam Apana Apana, and she decided not to work with him again. When Ekta was approached for a comment, she very tactfully replied that she was not aware of whom the creative team had approached since she was not involved in the casting process.

For his part, Iqbal was upset with the talk of him being ‘dumped’ from Ekta’s show. He claimed that nothing of the sort happened, and that he often got calls for shows and while it was true he was telephoned once for this role, there was no follow-up call and so there was no question of being dumped.

He said that he gets such calls for shows almost every day and he tells them to get back to him with the story. But Ekta’s team never contacted him again after the first phone call, so there was not question of being kicked out of the show.

Khan was last seen as the male protagonist in Waaris on Zee TV, the show produced by Smriti Irani.

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