Nandish Sandhu wins the Newsmakers Achievers Awards

Nandish Sandhu is one happy man after winning the Best Actor award at the Newsmakers Achievers’ Awards, held on May 1st.Talking to TellyBuzz, Nandish said, “I did not know that I have got nominated; they contacted me only after I won it. The best part was that the results were declared by the public. Above all, the awards rewarded not only actors from TV or Bollywood, but people from all walks of life”.Nandish took this opportunity to thank his fans who have appreciated him as Veer in COLORS’ Uttaran. “I think the aspect that charmed viewers about my character Veer is that, the guy is not just a one dimensional character. He was earlier seen as a typical Thakur who was stiff in nature. The guy after falling in love with Ichcha transformed into the romantic guy, who was very lovey dovey. Later the chocolate guy changed into the angry young man, and then sacrificed his love to his elder brother. So there has been a lot of scope in portraying the character of Veer, and I simply love it”.

Nandish missed his family when he was accepting the Newsmakers Achievers Awards. “My family is in Rajasthan, and they were elated when I told them that I am getting this award. Personally I would have wanted to take their blessings on this day when I was receiving the award”.

Ask him about the manner in which Veer might react in the coming track, and he says, “Well, you might now see him getting involved a lot in official work. He will try to unite his family and keep every member happy”.

Ask him about the possibility of Tapasya ruining his life yet again, and he states, “Well, that might not be the case now. You might see Tapasya having a tough time now, with Veer being at the helm of things”.

Report BY: Srividya Rajesh

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