Honeymoon time on Uttaran

After the troubled times, Iccha and Vansh can expect a breather of sorts in the form of their honeymoon which will air sometime this week on Uttaran.The couple who has rarely enjoyed good times in their married life, will be planning their honeymoon. But just before one can expect things to be all hunky dory, trouble will hit the lives of the two couples Iccha – Vansh and Tapasya – Veer.Informs a source, “Vansh’s family will suggest him to go on his honeymoon with his wife Iccha to which he will agree. But he will also insist on Tapasya and Veer accompanying him for their honeymoon. Veer, who isn’t too keen on honeymooning with his wife Tapasya will have to give into his brother’s demands as he wants his happiness at the end of the day. But if one is thinking that this honeymoon will be a bed of roses for Iccha, then hold your horses as there is a surprise in store for the viewers. Iccha again will have to face uninvited troubles. Now who will create the trouble – Tapasya or Vansh and how will it crop up is something that will have to be watched for.”

Says Vansh (Rohit Khurana), “Yes, we are going for our honeymoon and apart from that, I too wouldn’t know much about the upcoming track of the show.”

The honeymoon track will air sometime this week on Uttaran at 10:00 pm on Colors.

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