I truly trusted the audience decision – Shakti Mohan

Dance India Dance Grand Finale was held at Shahaji Raje Krida Sankul (Andheri Sports Complex) on April 23rd and telecast LIVE on Zee TV. In an intense, nerve-racking finish, Shakti Mohan was voted the winner by millions of viewers from across the nation. Heartthrobs Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were the star attractions at the Grand Finale. Shakti Mohan became the first lady to be crowned the Biggest Dancing Star, in yesterday’s Grand Finale of Zee TV’s Dance India Dance..Here is the winner in conversation who shares her journey experience, her excitement on winning the show with TellyBuzz..

How are you feeling after being announced the winner of Dance India Dance Season 2?
I’m feeling really great after winning the Sunheri Taqdeer ki Topi. It’s very heavy and at the same time equally prestigious (smiles). At present I’m still feeling as if it’s a dream and I can’t believe that I am being interviewed on my victory (smiles).

It’s been a long journey; I had entered the competition with a dream like everyone else, and as the show moved on, the fear of elimination also increased but today after getting victorious, it feels like a dream come true.

What kind of emotions did your heart sense while the result was to be announced?
I wasn’t nervous at all. I truly trusted the audience decision because everyone here is very talented, so anyone else’s victory would be equally credible. And we all have put in equal amount of hard work.

And what’s cooking between you three sisters participating and winning every reality show?
(Smiles) I think God has written the sister’s destiny for the year 2010 with golden letters. We are all very excited because we have struggled a lot to prove our talents. And now we are getting so many amazing opportunities, and destiny is taking a positive turn.

And how excited are you to receive an opportunity from Farah Khan?
Farah Khan is such a big choreographer, Director. Working with her in the movie Tees Maar Khan is going to be a splendid experience. And sharing some screen space with actors Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif is just like a fantasy.

So what kind of merry time are you going to have with your family?
I really have no idea, but one thing for sure is that they are very happy for me and the last glance I had of my mother on stage, I could actually see tears in her eyes. Finally after 5 months, I’ll be back home and the first thing we would share is a big warm hug.

And all you contestants are planning to go to Goa now, so what’s the mystery?
Yes, actually we had planned long time back that the winner of the competition will take his/her fellow contestants for a Goa trip. So as per the promise, we will be heading to Goa very soon and it’s going to be my treat.

Terrence Lewis has also awarded you with a splendid opportunity, what would you comment on that?
Yes, that’s like a cherry on the cake for me. Terrence sir who has been my Guru all these years has decided to take me to Paris and train me on an international level. Terrence Sir doesn’t compliment anyone so easily, so I would utilize the opportunity to the fullest.

What would you comment about your fellow contestant Punit who has been your senior as well as a trainer?
Yes Punit and I had been in the same college St. Xaviers. He was my senior in Terence Sir’s academy. Punit I think is an amazing dancer, and somewhere my victory today is also because of his hard work and training; I appreciate him for that.

Apart from the offers you have received as prize, have you been approached for any other offer in the industry?
I really don’t know anything as such. But on a personal front I would like to dance as much as I can on international level, and obviously more of contemporary style. If today I have emerged as a ‘Dancing Star’, it’s because of that dance form, so that will be ultimate priority.

What message will you give to the audience?
I’m obliged to the audience for their continuous support and love they have bestowed on me. Also they all have an equal share in this ‘Sunheri Taqdeer ki Topi’. I had never imagined that audience would give so much support to a girl. I think it’s a true achievement for all the girls especially aspiring dancing stars. So thanks a lot.

Report By: Ashima Mishra.

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