How Shweta Tiwari relaxes

TV actress Shweta Tiwari has captivated the hearts of audiences through her role in Kasauti Zindagi Kay as Prerna Bajaj. The actress also did reality shows and a few Bhojpuri films and still has a huge fan following.Here is a list of what Shweta Tiwari’s hobbies are:“I have many hobbies, one of which is watching movies! I’m a big movie buff and watch everything from Bollywood, Hollywood movies to regional ones’. Language has never really been a barrier and I enjoy all genres and storylines. That also includes films that might have not done very well at the box office. Infact it is not-doing-so-well only which makes me want to watch it all the more as I’m curious to know what it was criticized for and what it’s downfalls were.

It makes you learn as well not to make the same mistakes in your own projects. Another hobby is reading – I like reading books, although this is a recent hobby and not since childhood. I hardly even read the usual children’s or teenagers’ books like Mills and Boons. It was only during ‘Kasauti….’ where Taraana who played my on-screen daughter ‘Vishakha’, got me into it. She would often catch up on her reading during breaks between shoots and I started myself too by picking up whatever she was done with. Then onwards, I have been into it and I’m glad it’s a hobby now,” says Shweta.

Later on about reading she added, “It has helped me in too many ways. Watching a performance in a skit or a movie or any video, enables the character to convey their emotions and dialogues. The delivery is good with live action but through books, the reader is open to his or her imagination and the understanding of the story, and the plot makes you go deeper into it! That is what, I love about reading. It helps understand the story, performance, emotions, grips you very well with the vivid and detailed descriptions. One book that really got me captivated is ‘The Alchemist’. And somehow in my everyday life, I’ve been reminded of it’s brief teachings. It amazes me how one book can have such an impact on your life! I have been able to relate my life to ‘The Alchemist’ in several ways. Books help you reflect on yourself, on others and your life better. Certain difficulties and loopholes that you were not able to solve earlier, are resolved soon after reading books which are insightful. They help you adopt the right approach towards life and it’s hurdles. ‘Veronica Decides To Die’ and ‘Two States’ are some of the books I really liked. I am a big fan of fiction books and have read back to back books of Sydney Sheldon and Daniel Steel.”

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