Aamir Ali’s new love

We all know that Aamir Ali is in love with Sanjeeda Shaikh but Amir confessed about his hidden love. Don’t worry; there is no other woman in his life. The actor’s new love happens to be Art.Aamir was always in love with ART and now he has decided to make it a profession too. “Art is something that has always attracted me. I have tried to collect art. So when a friend of mine asked me to be associated with him to deal in arts, I decided to take it up. But it’s not an impulsive decision; I have been planning it for six months. We have managed to collect enough paintings and also built a set up for other projects. I didn’t want to get into the kind of businesses that people generally get into, like opening a restaurant or spa. Art is something that excites me. I didn’t want to start something and then quit it half way. Plus, I think everything beautiful attracts me, be it Sanjeeda or Art,” he laughs.

He was influenced by his friend’s mother who is a fantastic artist and her paintings have always interested him. “Whenever I saw a painting, I kept looking at it. Many people asked me why was I staring at the painting, but it was something else and something different which I kept looking at,” says Amir.

He feels that acting is something which he is already doing but ART is his passion so he will not make an alternate career in the same field. “When you are an actor, you look at fields related to acting. It’s only natural. But I like being an actor. I like the liberty and pampering that comes along with it,” he says.

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