Mom’s prophecy comes true for Harpreet Singh

For every mother, their child is a star, the most beautiful, the most eligible and the most perfect face to be on television. And when they do voice their thoughts, we simply laugh it off crediting it to the few quirkiness of being a mother.However, for Harpreet Singh the actor who debuts with Star One’s Rang Badalti Odhani produced by Beyond Dreams Pvt Ltd and Anahita Productions, his mother’s fond foresight has fortunately come true. He says, “My mother, I still don’t know why, always used to tell me – ‘Tu hero banega (you’ll become a hero). I will see you someday on television’. And now that it has actually happened, her joy is limitless. She is truly elevated to another level. And I still can’t believe my luck!”

Harpreet never had any inclination towards acting. But, when more and more people commented that he should tease the idea of acting at least, he gave it a go. He tells us with the disbelief still evident in his voice, “Many people that I came across kept telling me I got the smarts to be on television. So I thought why not take a chance at it as I got nothing to lose. Even my Manager Rupesh Sonar urged me to give my best shot towards auditions, and here I am (smiles)”.

Harpreet frankly gives an account of his first day jitters. “On the first day, I was a bit nervous thinking how I’ll perform. But I have to thank my director who helped me, taught me and made me void of all my discomfort. Also, since my co-actors are more experienced than me, I thought it might lead to some awkwardness between me and them. But touch wood, we are all good friends now,” he says.

Elaborating on his character, Harpreet says, “I am about 60% as my character Suraj. He doesn’t speak much. Even I answer only just as much as I’m asked to. I’m a great listener though (smiles).”

But wasn’t he wary of playing a cameo right on his first show? “You’re right, it’s a cameo. But it’s a pivotal role. And the way they have presented me has given me the thrust I need for my career to take off. Especially the promotions have done a great deal of good for me. I have started getting recognized by people and so far that’s all that I need,” he states matter-of-factly.

Catch Harpreet Singh on Beyond Dreams Pvt Ltd and Anahita Productions’ Rang Badalti Odhani tonight at 10pm on Star One.

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