Speak up! Save your favorite YRF show!

All of the YRF TV shows currently being aired on Sony Entertainment Television are set to culminate and it seems only vox populi can bring in the second season. According to our source, “All of the YRF TV shows are heading towards closure. The first to bow out will be Lift Kara De as it is only a 20 episodes series, as opposed to the 26 episode contract for YRF’s fiction shows. Lift Kara De’s season finale will thereby be aired around mid May. The rest of the fiction shows are slated to end by the month of June.”

We spoke to Ravina Kohli, Creative Head, YRF TV, who says, “Yes, all of our shows are heading towards the finale of the first season. Things are going as per plans. It was already decided that the shows will be aired in seasons and every season will have 26 episodes except the reality based one. That’s exactly how we scripted, shot and aired the shows.”

Ravina specifies, “Lift Kara De’s finale will be on 15th of May. The rest of the fiction shows’ season finale will be in the last week of June.”

When asked about the performance of the shows so far, Ravina replies, “All of the shows have received good acceptance among different genres of audience. Mahi Way and Rishta.com have a similar urbane kind of audience. Seven attracts more of the younger, kiddo set of crowd. Powder has a stronger male viewership.”

But which are the shows that stand ahead when it comes to TRPs? “Seven is almost always ahead except for the times when Mahi Way beats it,” Ravina chuckles.

Ravina makes it obvious that depending on the audience’s response, the return of the shows will be finalized. She says, “If we feel the response has been very good, definitely we will go for the second season.”

Well, the power is over to you people!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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