Cat fight haps on the sets of Jamunia

The TV audience is well aware of Jamunia’s problems onscreen. But what they aren’t cognizant of is the fact that there are big issues cooking off screen between the ladies of the Bodhan family which includes Chatori (Akanksha), Batori (Preeta Jain), Ramlali (Bharti), Padmavati (Falguni Dave) and Ghungroo (Anushkaa).

Yesterday, according to a reliable source in the production from Kawardha (Chhatisgarh) where the shoot is happening, there was huge fight between Padmavati, Ghungroo, Chatori and Batori regarding a television. Padmavati and Ghungroo are put up in one room while Chatori and Batori are together in another. As Ghungroo has access to a TV in her room, Chatori and Batori went to watch TV over there. But Akanksha didn’t entertain them and told them to leave. This created mayhem on the sets and the Maharani of the palace had to intervene and solve the matter.

This is not the only incident. As per sources, females from both the families are jealous, to the extent that they can’t stand each other at any cost. When the production decided to keep the Bodhan family in the palace where Padmavati and Ghungroo are already put up, the later duo got upset about the arrangement. Cat fights have become a common scenario on the sets. High time some maturing set in the ladies and yes, separate TV arrangements would also benefit!

Report BY: Soumita Sengupta

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