Dharmesh indeed knows to impress his fans..

Dharmesh Yelande, the favourite of all in Zee TV’s Dance India Dance Season 2 has always been at the receiving end when it came to understanding the English language.It so happened that Geeta Kapoor, Dharmesh’s Master put a strong word to her team mates that they should be conversing with Dharmesh only in English, so that he gets a hold on the language and even understands it better.According to our source, “The lessons got did not make much difference for Dharmesh, as he was caught in a very embarrassing moment when he recently went to his home town, Baroda. He was mobbed by a group of educated people who would not allow him before he signed autographs.

Dharmesh was left in a spot of bother as he did not know what to write. The channel representatives who were with Dharmesh then gave the guy an idea to escape, and asked him to write in a style a simple ‘D’ on their autograph books. Dharmesh willingly did that, and made his fans happy”.

Well, this guy certainly knows how to impress his fans…

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