Avinash Sachdev, lead of Choti Bahu speaks on his Malaysian trip

Avinash Sachdev aka Dev of Choti Bahu had gone to Malaysia for his on-screen honeymoon last month with his on-screen wife Radhika.We spoke to Avinash Sachdev aka Dev who said, “We had great fun while shooting in Malaysia though we were there only for four days but we enjoyed the life in Malaysia. Whenever we used to get time from the shoot, we would hang around in Malaysia. We did some sightseeing out there as Malaysia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The most amazing part was that over here also Dev and Radhika pair is loved by Malaya people. We had shot at many places like Sunway shopping mall and many such other places.

Further he told us that, “The most amazing part was that there were some Iranians and Iraqis who loved Chhoti Bahu leads-Dev and Radhika. They were just curious to know what’s happening next in the coming episodes.”

About his most memorable moment in Malaysia he said, “Yes, we had a great time in Malaysia though it was hectic. How we can forget our visit to ‘Rum Jungle’. It is a pub where we had loads of fun and I remember we had our press conference over there and people, especially young girls were shouting Hi Dev, We love you…and due to security reasons we were not able to able to interact with our fans so we had the Iraqi family come to our hotel and they were just waiting outside whole night to take our autograph and take a snap with us and the next morning when I came to know about it, it was an emotional moment for us.”

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