Rahul Mahajan Married To Dimpy

Finally Rahul Mahajan has chosen his bride and it is Dimpy Ganguly, as many had expected. The 21-year-old Dimpy made it over Harpreet Chhabra, 20, and Nikuni Malik, 25, in the show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.“It’s a great feeling when you get to choose your wife from so many beautiful women. You have to be very patient about whom you are choosing because each and every person has a good and a bad nature,” says Rahul, “but I found Dimpy the most sweet and innocent amongst all. I am very happy today. I have found the perfect woman to spend the rest of my life with, and together we will now take our first steps in this new phase of our lives in the presence of the people we love and respect the most.”

Rahul added, “I am also delighted that I was able to share this special moment with the audience from across the country that have been supportive of me during the entire show. I promise to love and cherish Dimpy and give her the love and the life she deserves. We have a great connect and respect each other immensely. I seek everyone’s blessings for a happy married life.”

Rahul’s uncle Pramod Mahajan recently passed away, but that didn’t stop the ceremony from going forward.

Rahul wanted to go for his honeymoon to Maldives but has been unable to do this, because of restrictions on his movement.

Rahul says about his bride that, “From the beginning, she knew that she is going to be Mrs. Mahajan.”

An ecstatic Dimpy said, “I feel on the top of the world. Today I am the luckiest and the happiest girl in this world. We seek everyone’s blessings to lead a happy and successful married life.” This is Rahul’s second marriage.

However Poonam Mahajan-Rao, who had always stood by her elder brother during the darkest phases of his life, was missing from the scene. Poonam said in the print, “I am a very private person, and for me, an event like a marriage is a private affair. Rahul’s ‘private affair’ was a high-voltage mega-TRP-driven event with millions watching it live as it unfolded. I am the kind of person who prefers to sit at home rather than make a show out of things. I even keep my son’s birthday party as private as possible. That’s how I am.”

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