Priyanka burns herself in a fire sequence in Chhoti bahu

Mishaps are unavoidable on shooting sets. Priyanka Mishra who plays Vishakha, the antagonist in Chhoti Bahu had almost burnt herself on the show during a fire sequence, hadn’t it been for her presence of mind. The sequence had her set ablaze by her on-screen father played by Rajeev Verma and much to the horror of onlookers she actually caught fire and her left foot was burnt.

A source informs, “Priyanka was draped in a wet sari and there was another sari draped over it which was set afire. But in no time the flames caught the sari underneath, burning her feet too. She panicked and alarmed the unit in time. Everyone was worried and she was saved just in the nick of time. Had the people around not been active enough, the accident could have been more grave.”

Mishra confirmed the news and said, “They poured petrol on me and the unit had taken all the precautions to avoid any untoward incident. But unfortunately my sari caught fire and got stuck to my left foot. I actually sustained minor burns and if the unit hadn’t acted on time, it could have been far more serious.”

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