Harpreet Chhabra’s positive attitude

NDTV Imagine’s Rahul Dhulaniyaa le Jayenge is gearing up for the finale as the four finalists are getting ready for their dream marriage with Rahul Mahajan.Delhi based model cum anchor Harpreet Chhabra, the Punjabi kudi from Delhi, who has reached the final four on Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, is all excited and happy.She has always been accused of being poised and unnaturally positive.She retorts, “I am generally a very positive person and I don’t get bogged down by allegations.”Even Rahul told her that until recently, Harpreet hadn’t opened up and he couldn’t tell the real person behind that ever smiling face.She clarifies, “As I have always maintained, I have never had a boyfriend, so it was very difficult for me to express myself, that too in the presence of so many girls, who were all there to marry Rahul.That inhibition always kept me in the background but when I got a single date with Rahul, I professed my love in the best way I could.”

And what about Rahul’s past? Does it ever affect her? “Everyone has a past. Rahul is friendly with his ex-wife and I am pretty cool about it. Because of the failure of his last relationship, he has learnt a lot and knows how to handle things. So it has turned out better for him,” says the 20-year-old.

Rahul told another contestant Dimpy on his Kolkata visit, that he surrenders himself to her, so how does she react to that? “To be very honest, I felt bad, but I also feel that it was a moment when he was carried away. After that, he hasn’t really spoken to anyone and hasn’t shown any deep connection with Dimpy either, so one cannot say,” says Harpreet.

She goes on to add, “Even if he wants Dimpy, he can have her and be happy. If I am happy after the show ends, nothing else matters.”

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