Rakhi says Rahul & Dimpy will break up

Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar got huge TRPs but her Swayamwar brought breakup for her relationship with Elesh Parajunwala, so by watching Rahul’s marriage with Dimpy she is troubled.About Rahul’s marriage, Rakhi said in one of the interviews, “How can one marry by choosing his or her soul mate through a public voting system? Dimpy bali ka bakra ban gayi hai. There is a huge age difference between Rahul and Dimpy. I am sure that this will lead to differences between them. Also Rahul’s temperament is very impulsive and everyone cannot tolerate that. In fact, Rahul should have thought twice before marrying Dimpy because of these reasons. Very soon, you all will get to hear that Rahul aur Dimpy ka separation ho gaya hai.”

Further she said in the interview, “As I earlier said that it is really difficult to choose a life partner through a public poll. I thought of only getting engaged with Elesh instead of marrying him so that I could get more time to decide. But as time passed, I started feeling that he was not the right person for me. He just wanted to marry me because he wanted be part of my glamorous life. Things got so bad that now I really hate him,” informs Rakhi.

Later about her career she told that, “I have worked really hard for building my image in the industry and I have done this without having any godfather to promote me. Being a full time actress is not something I aspire to do. You never know, one day people will see me in parliament. The benchmark of success is different for me. I started as an item dancer and today I have turned a businesswoman by launching a beauty salon and by establishing a studio. I am happy with what I am doing.”

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