Nandish talks about his friendship with Rashmi Desai

Nandish Sandhu, the main lead of Uttaran is one of television’s most famous poster boys and is a simple and chilled out guy at heart.And now the buzz is that Nandish is dating his Uttaran co-star Rashmi Desai, so to confirm the news we asked him and he gave us a very diplomatic answer by saying, “We are good friends. Ok, we become close when our on screen marriage was happening in Uttaran. Before that we weren’t shooting together much but now we are like good buddies. Rashmi and I talk about things, share our feelings, laugh on jokes and go out for coffees and if she is performing I go and support her and vice-versa. But we also have other friends joining us. But we are friends, ok, let’s say we are more than friends but I can’t give any green signal yet,” says Nandish.

But on lookers on the sets swear by their chemistry and the fact that he even spent Valentines Day with her, “It was Rashmi’s birthday on 13th February, so we all gathered together to celebrate her birthday and even our friends were there with us so nothing spicy. Yes, there is chemistry between us because we really have fun when we are together,” says Nandish.

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