Ratan Rajput receives a ruddy blow!

Ratan Rajput who we all love as Laali in Zee TV and Swastik Pictures’ Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo was at the receiving end of a freak accident two days back.Our source tells us, “There was a scene where Shekhar (Abhishek Rawat) had to slap Rannvijay (Sachal Tyagi) while Laali (Ratan Rajput) stands close behind. When Shekhar lifted his hand to slap, his elbow struck hard on Ratan’s forehead. The impact was so huge that she fainted on the spot!”We spoke to Ratan Rajput who confirms the news saying, “Yes, it’s true I got hurt while shooting. I was standing very close to Abhishek and by mistake his elbow hit me on my head. I don’t remember what exactly happened later because I fainted.”

Ratan adds, “My forehead is swollen now, and it’s hurting too. When I visited the doctors they said I have to take bed rest for 48 complete hours. But how can I? I have to shoot. So, I just took a day’s rest and am working now by taking painkillers. The swelling is so bad that viewers just can’t miss observing it in the episodes to be aired (smiles)”.

Apparently, Ratan’s fanatic professionalism isn’t impressive to her doctors. “My doctors have washed their hands clean of my case as I refused to take their advice. They have said it’s not our responsibility if anything happens to you. If the pain and swelling doesn’t subside after two days I’ve to go for CT scan. But I know, I can hear my instincts say that everything’s alright,” she signs off.

We truly wish that Ratan’s laid back approach towards her illness does not lead to further complications and everything gets neatly sorted out.

Report By: Srividya Rajesh

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