Sudeep Sahir is back with Behnein

Sudeep Sahir is coming back on television almost after nine months.He is too selective while choosing his roles and that is what has kept him out of soaps. We talk to him about his comeback on Behnein…

After waiting for nine months, why did you sign on a woman oriented show?
I agree, it is a woman-oriented show, but I have a pivotal role to play in it. I didn’t think twice before signing it. My character is called Mihir and he is the second sister’s husband. I’ve never played a character like this one before because this one has depth, lots of shades and it’s important for the story.

Apparently, with a twist in the story, you would end up marrying the older sister Purva?
Listen, I don’t think I can reveal anything now, because one sentence can tell the entire plot. I can only tell you that there are serious circumstances that keep me deeply involved with my wife’s family on the show.

Talking about Indian soaps, don’t you think men hardly have a part in the soap these days?
Men also play an important part. They have to be around to push the story forward. A show cannot run by having just women in the show. Yes, all the shows now have women centric concepts, even a few years back there were saas-bahu serials only. But men’s characters also have an impact on the show, so men will be there.

As per the buzz that we have heard, you were supposed to host some reality show, so what’s the status on that?
There was an offer to host a show and without revealing too much, I’ll just say that I didn’t want to take it on because it would take away three months of my life and I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do, which is acting. I would love to host a show but only if it doesn’t eat into my personal life.

So is there anything in the pipeline?
I can’t do two shows together. I want a life and doing one show only takes your whole day. There was an interesting show that came my way shortly after I signed this one, but I refused to do it. I also had offers to join an ongoing show but I didn’t want to enter something that’s already on air.

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