Ragini Khanna to make her Bollywood debut

Ragini Khanna of Bhaskar Bharti fame is back to work with STAR Plus’ new show Sasural Genda Phool. In the show she plays the female lead character Suhana, who gets married to Ishaan played by Jay Soni. Besides this role, Ragini will also make her Bollywood debut.

We heard that you are making your Bollywood debut, is that true?
“Yes, I have taken on a film project, which should start rolling soon. It is too early to reveal my character’s name and my co-actors, as very soon there would be a formal announcement. I play the leading lady of the film.”

What is your uncle, Govinda’s reaction?
“He is happy with my decision to move up the ladder. It’s a natural progression for an actor these days…”

Has your uncle ever advised you on your career and life?“No, he never sat me down one afternoon to tip me on life, movies and career progression. However, we talk quite often. I tell him everything that is happening in my life. At times, he gets nostalgic and shares his growing up stories with me. There is a lot to learn from his past experiences.”

Would you quit TV for movies now?
“No. If Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and other big stars can do films and TV shows simultaneously, why cant I..?. I can dabble in both. I will sail through.”

Now, in your new show Sasural Genda…what is your character like?
“I am playing a motherless girl, Suhana, who is spoilt. Her father, who can do anything to see a smile on her face, brings her up. It’s a fun character. Initially, she has money to throw around but she eventually marries a middle class guy. Suhana is temperamental; she smiles and gets angry in seconds. She thinks she can dictate to the world.”

Coming back to your cousin Narmada, who is also debuting in films, so is there a competition in the family?
“No, no. There is no competition with her. We are two different planes and are as different from each other as pasta and daal-chawal and now don’t ask me who’s who…”

Coming back to your show, you are working with Supriya Pilgaonkar, your mother in your first show, Radha ki Betiyaan..?
“I still have to shoot with Supriyaji. I have grown up watching her show Tu Tu Main Main. She has taught me a lot on our first show together. So, now again, I am eagerly waiting to shoot with her.”

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