Zaynah continues to care

Zaynah Vastani rose to fame as the innocent face of unaffected autism. She portrayed the role of Antara in Zee and Drishtant Media’s Aapki Antara beautifully until the story took a generation leap. Presently, Zaynah is no more a part of the crew but she continues to work for the cause of autism.Zaynah’s mother Havov Vastani tells us, “Zaynah became very well-known thanks to her character of autistic Antara. Even as Zaynah was getting popular because of the show, awareness about autism spread on a very deeper scale. It was a symbiotic effect!”

Zaynah was recently invited to the Sankalp Sports Function. Havov tells us, “The sports function was organized for autistic kids. Zaynah was invited to distribute gifts and medals to the winners. Along with her twin sister, Ziyah, she distributed the prizes. Later they also interacted with the autistic kids effortlessly. They both seemed to enjoy the whole event a lot.”

We are sure with Zaynah & Ziyah around; the event must have been enjoyable to the others too!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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