Romit Raj gets his Perfect Bride to marry on March 28th..

Romit Raj has in fact seen it all!! He had been in a wonderful relationship with Shilpa Shinde, gone thro’ the pain of breaking up with her, so much so that he had lost faith in humanity. But now the actor starts his life afresh as he is all geared up for marriage!!Yes, you have heard it right. Romit Raj met Tina Kakkar, a simple girl from Pune who is into Corporate Sales at Radio One, Pune, and that began a new chapter in his life.Romit and Tina had a casual meeting in Pune, from where they got to know each other. Slowly the two got fond of each other, and immediately consulted their parents.

As Romit puts it, “I have never been a believer in destiny. But after whatever I have gone thro’, I really believe that ‘Marriages are made in heaven, and it is He who takes the final call'”.

Talking about Tina, he tells us, “Tina belongs to a very simple Punjabi family; who will take her parents’ approval before deciding anything for herself. We had a casual meeting which developed into fondness. But we talked about it, and decided that we will allow our parents to do all the talking. Immediately we brought our parents into the picture, they had a talk and decided the best for us. We are getting married on March 28th at Pune, and I am really happy that I have moved on quite fast. You can call this a love cum arranged marriage”.

Romit and Tina met for the first time, soon after the conclusion of Perfect Bride, sometime in December. Romit (who appeared in a cameo role in Rajan Shahi and COLORS’ Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg along with Shilpa Shinde), did indeed believe that his parents would decide the best for him, and is happy that he chose it that way.

“I thank my family and friends who have been with me thro’ all the hell that I faced in the past couple of months. In fact, it is quite surprising that I have got my life partner so very soon. But believe me, if I had come across Tina some five or ten years earlier, I would have been a married man by now (smiles)”, states an elated Romit.

“I can only tell that God made me go thro’ all the trauma, to give me this big a happiness. He has given me an ‘Angel’, and this is truly a new beginning for me in the New Year. Frankly speaking, I have never wished wrong for anyone in life, so I guess God has been kind to me (smiles)”, further quips Romit.

Last but not the least, Romit thanks all his fans, friends from the media who understood the pain of what he went thro’. “In fact, I have got a lot of support from media who have helped me a lot during my bad phase. I am personally sending wedding invites to all those who have been a pillar of support to me”, says Romit as he signs off.

Report BY: Srividya Rajesh

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