Mona Singh cannot leave TV

TV actress Mona Singh did a very important role in 3 Idiots by playing Kareena Kapoor’s sister’s role.The actress feels that she doesn’t want to leave her small screen space in a recent interview.Mona Singh said in the print,” I have created my own arena in the TV industry and I do not think I will ever leave that. I do not want to become one of those actors who have said they will not do any more TV but had to come back to TV later. It is not easy for TV actors to break into films. I know most of the actors get frustrated when they leave TV and then cannot manage to get good work in films. TV is a huge medium and I do not see any reason for leaving such a great space. To top it all, it gives me good money besides keeping me happy,” she says.

She is donning a judge’s hat and about this she said, “The makers approached me to judge the stand-up comedy show and I was more than happy to join them. I have been a participant, its good fun to be on the other side of the fence.”

She further admits that she does not see herself in the big league. “I guess, I don’t fit into the category of a typical Hindi film heroine. I guess I would do more of good characters, something on the lines of what Konkona (Sen) did in her movies. I do not mind playing good character roles in big commercial movies. To be honest, I am still figuring out my space in Hindi cinema as I am relatively new,” she ends.

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