Ashita honeymoons in Mauritius and Dubai

Ashita Dhavan aka Malti Bhabhi of Bidaai fame will now be called as Ashita Dhavan-Gulabani. The newly married couple had gone for their honeymoon to Mauritius and Dubai. It was a fun filled experience with her loved one.We spoke to Ashita Dhavan, “It’s good to be back to Mumbai and yes to a certain extent, my life has changed after marriage as I must say my new life has started as for example, now after marriage I have started dusting my room which I did not do before marriage.”Further, she told us about her honeymoon, “Overall, it was a good and nice experience, to get to know the different world in Mauritius and Dubai. It was adventurous because once we had visited a Safari in Mauritius and I was holding a lion’s tail and it was great fun. After that, we did a couple of water sports which were fulfilled. We had lots of masti including parties. We had also gone to casinos.”

Later on, she told us about Dubai, “Over there, we had also gone to a Safari and there is a wonderful resort which is called Wild Wadi resort, which is amazing to watch out for. As earlier, I was scared but later on it was great fun. In both the places, we ate and shopped a lot.”

When are you resuming work? “From 10th Feb, so again Malti Bhabhi is coming to create some masala in everyone’s lives.”

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarn

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