Aamir Ali turns businessman

Here comes another tele-actor who wants to enter into a business apart from his acting career. Amir Ali, who is a famous television actor is a great fan of Arts and wants to start up his Art business.So why he has chosen this particular field for business, “I have always been attracted towards paintings. I just stand, whenever I see any paintings and then go close and watch the paintings carefully. My friend Sahil Nagi’s mom Chandra Nagi is a fabulous artist and I would often go with Sahil to see her paintings at home or in exhibitions where her art was on display and I realised that I am an ART lover,” says Amir.

And is his friend going to be his partner, “Yes, my friend Sahil Nagi and I decided that it’s our passion and we appreciate art so we can give it shape so, a few months back say almost six months our Avant-Garde took shape.”

Amir is quite busy with his acting schedule and shootings but he thinks that having a separate business also helps an individual financially and we get time to spend outside our profession, “I had this on my mind from a long time I know many people think that an actor usually opens a production house or starts directing or start some acting schools but I never wanted to do something like this. I always wanted to do something which I like , something about which I am passionate about. I wanted to move to something that I liked and so I followed my heart and started my own company. And when you love something and you start doing it as work, you automatically get time or start taking out time as you wanted to do this,” says Amir, who is managing both his jobs side by side and is happy but Amir also confess that there is nothing better that Acting, “But, let me clarify, there is nothing better than acting busines as it’s the best!”

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